Themed and Adventure Trails

Hiking on the Madrisa is a pleasure experience: on various, partly guided tours there is something to enjoy, learn and do for your health at the same time.

Energy Trace Path

Discover the forces of the earth energies and learn interesting facts about their origin, mode of action as well as many interesting background information.

A guided tour of about 90 minutes can be booked for this hike.

Information and booking:

Corinne Gut Klucker
+41 81 868 88 08

High Alpine Herb Garden Madrisa

On the easy to walk hiking trail between the mountain station of the Madrisabahn and the Mässplatte, visitors reach the "high alpine medicinal herb garden", located in a unique, wild karst landscape, in about 45 minutes on foot. 19 herb signs with pictures and text refer to the naturally occurring medicinal plants and their use, as well as to their flowering and fruiting periods, and provide an insight into natural pharmacies.

For those interested in learning more about the healing powers of nature, a 2-hour guided excursion can be booked on request at

Gudrun Turner
T +41 81 332 10 96

Kneipp Path

The Kneipp Path at 1900 m above sea level is available free of charge to all visitors and its signposting is self-explanatory. The Kneipp facility is located above the new mountain restaurant Madrisa-Alp near the Öpfelsee and provides everyone with a welcome cooling experience.

A different kind of Adventure Trail

Covering 150 million years in a 2½ hour-hike in an ultra-compact area. Not far from the Madrisa mountain station lies the "Alpine Parklandschaft" with its 15 cultural and natural phenomena.