Pro Madrisa

Come join us - only together are we strong!

The association "pro madrisa", founded in 1969, aims to support the Madrisa gondola's efforts financially and ideally, as well as to promote the sustainable tourism and social cohesion of Madrisa friends.
With this in mind, the association, with its 400 members, has already supported projects such as the expansion of snowmaking facilities, the construction of the Madrisa-Land and the construction of benches that can be used all year round.

Annual subscription fee
Fr. 70.00
each member receives 1 day pass

Bank account
Graubündner Kantonalbank
CH-7001 Chur
Konto-Nummer: 00 239.072.800
IBAN: CH09 0077 4000 2390 7280 0

Further information and contact:

Pro Madrisa
c/o Klosters-Madrisa Bergbahnen AG
Madrisastrasse 7
CH-7252 Klosters Dorf
T +41 81 410 21 70